Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Hills!!!

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My first marathon experience!!!  Wow!  I forgot to stop the watch until after I took the chip off my laces and greeted my family at the finish line!  (oops)  I also had a bathroom break that screwed my time - (Eve, you and I are gonna have a long long talk one day-why must you be so "Eve"ill????).

I didn't want to start off too fast - I held back and felt comfy at 70-80%.  Knew I had to reserve some steam for those upcoming hills.  Felt pretty good by mile 3-after descending first hill.  Then I ran into a few more hills-found myself walking one for a bit (was let down about feeling the need to), but I rather enjoyed the speedy relief I realized I soon depended on once I caught sight of the top (my silver-lining if you will). 

There was a point, by mile 6ish, that I was soon amazed at how time seemed to fly by.  I took in the scenery and memories of my Uncle Sanford, who had passed of bone cancer.  I thought about what a big man he was-more of his happy/larger than life personality.  I thought of how his presence remained and the legacy he left behind.  How much of a fighter he was.  How much pain he endured.  How much life he had.  What a funny guy he was.  How much happiness he gave.  It almost seemed I zoned out and was on cruise control until....mile 15/16 when I was face to face with my inner mountain goat (run this? walk this? run this? walk this?).  There is NO WAY ONE COULD RUN THAT (afterall - i double checked - yep - no hooves!!!! 

If I'm not mistaken, without giving you toooooo much information-to give you the short of it, at around mile 20 I realized I had to take a potty break (faced my inner river-rat/ladies-plastic wrapping is terribly hard to open on the fly-if you run into a little sichy like i did, have it open b4 hand).  Santized hands - then off I went.  I was disappointed to see lots of people had gotten ahead of me... As before-hand I felt somewhat on fire and running alone.  Now, I felt deflated and a sinking feeling like I needed to catch up.  Boy, that adds a lot of weight.  Yes, the terrain flattened out.  Yes. the sun was warm - HOT even!  ARE WE DONE YET?  No?  How many miles left? What?  I thought I'd be done with that mile by now?  I was in slow-mo.  Soon thoughts of my mother traveling across the globe to a new country in her 30's with her 2 yr. old little girl feeling lost and alone crept into my mind.  How much courage that took.  For her to learn a brand new language, culture and learn of discrimination, belittlement-yet continuously pulled out enough strength to show me how to love unconditionally and always think of others before myself.  Phew!  Yes got through those few miles. 

Watch check! Doh-goal time defeat at 3:45.  Then at Half a mile left I stopped, took a deep breath - and with another runner's encouragement, dug down (real far down) deep and buckled my eyes down on his shoulders.  Finally caught eye of those glorious orange cones, then my husband and son-little farther down, my mom and my daughter and YES-MISSION COMPLETION!

3 gels, lots of gatorade/water stops (where many commented of my not sweating...(?)), 1 bathroom stop, glorious scenery , 1 beautiful friend that joined in the experience, many familiar and new happy faces later - I have no regrets and humbled to have experienced the journey.  Heck-I even enjoyed my own company!  And like my dad said, it's made me stronger for what's next...

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.
~Ann Taylor

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