Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Hills!!!

SplitTimeMoving TimeDistanceElevation GainElevation LossAvg PaceAvg Moving PaceBest Pace

My first marathon experience!!!  Wow!  I forgot to stop the watch until after I took the chip off my laces and greeted my family at the finish line!  (oops)  I also had a bathroom break that screwed my time - (Eve, you and I are gonna have a long long talk one day-why must you be so "Eve"ill????).

I didn't want to start off too fast - I held back and felt comfy at 70-80%.  Knew I had to reserve some steam for those upcoming hills.  Felt pretty good by mile 3-after descending first hill.  Then I ran into a few more hills-found myself walking one for a bit (was let down about feeling the need to), but I rather enjoyed the speedy relief I realized I soon depended on once I caught sight of the top (my silver-lining if you will). 

There was a point, by mile 6ish, that I was soon amazed at how time seemed to fly by.  I took in the scenery and memories of my Uncle Sanford, who had passed of bone cancer.  I thought about what a big man he was-more of his happy/larger than life personality.  I thought of how his presence remained and the legacy he left behind.  How much of a fighter he was.  How much pain he endured.  How much life he had.  What a funny guy he was.  How much happiness he gave.  It almost seemed I zoned out and was on cruise control until....mile 15/16 when I was face to face with my inner mountain goat (run this? walk this? run this? walk this?).  There is NO WAY ONE COULD RUN THAT (afterall - i double checked - yep - no hooves!!!! 

If I'm not mistaken, without giving you toooooo much information-to give you the short of it, at around mile 20 I realized I had to take a potty break (faced my inner river-rat/ladies-plastic wrapping is terribly hard to open on the fly-if you run into a little sichy like i did, have it open b4 hand).  Santized hands - then off I went.  I was disappointed to see lots of people had gotten ahead of me... As before-hand I felt somewhat on fire and running alone.  Now, I felt deflated and a sinking feeling like I needed to catch up.  Boy, that adds a lot of weight.  Yes, the terrain flattened out.  Yes. the sun was warm - HOT even!  ARE WE DONE YET?  No?  How many miles left? What?  I thought I'd be done with that mile by now?  I was in slow-mo.  Soon thoughts of my mother traveling across the globe to a new country in her 30's with her 2 yr. old little girl feeling lost and alone crept into my mind.  How much courage that took.  For her to learn a brand new language, culture and learn of discrimination, belittlement-yet continuously pulled out enough strength to show me how to love unconditionally and always think of others before myself.  Phew!  Yes got through those few miles. 

Watch check! Doh-goal time defeat at 3:45.  Then at Half a mile left I stopped, took a deep breath - and with another runner's encouragement, dug down (real far down) deep and buckled my eyes down on his shoulders.  Finally caught eye of those glorious orange cones, then my husband and son-little farther down, my mom and my daughter and YES-MISSION COMPLETION!

3 gels, lots of gatorade/water stops (where many commented of my not sweating...(?)), 1 bathroom stop, glorious scenery , 1 beautiful friend that joined in the experience, many familiar and new happy faces later - I have no regrets and humbled to have experienced the journey.  Heck-I even enjoyed my own company!  And like my dad said, it's made me stronger for what's next...

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.
~Ann Taylor

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weather-You like it or not

This weather is in dire need of some Lithium or a Midol...yep I said it-Hot then cold, Hot then cold.  Guess that's why we call it "MOTHER" nature.  ack - whatdyagonnadoboutit?  Fugetaboudit.

I will say, the heat really slows me down - hope it's just a matter of getting use to.  I do prefer today's weather, not too hot, not to cold, excellent breeze.  Now if I could only get some sand and a beach and post-run Corona with lime, I'd be set.  I don't mind the rain either.  It's quite exhilirating!  Titillating, in fact.  (heyheyhey, i'm up here)

Good thing, I don't mind it-"they" are calling for rain from Sat-Monday and thunderstorms Wednesday.  What I worry about are how the kiddies will fair in the rain...nah-I have a rain cover and lollipops.  They faired well through ice and snow with me-my tough cookies.  Caillou could learn a thing or two from these cats.

Okay Den.

What's your ideal running weather?

"The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it."~Epicurus

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream Dream Dream - Dreeeeeaaaam (thinkclassicEverlyBrothers)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE running with friends!!!  Funny thing about friends, when you talk-they listen! =D

While running with a particular gal pal, (Zen Jen that I am-yep i dubbed my dadgum self) got on the topic of things we wanted to do before we kicked the bucket.  And how that bucket list has evolved through the years.  Case in point>> Okay - so growing up, I watched my dad train and jump out of airplanes with fellow 82nd Airborne-Golden Knights and maybe that stuck with me.  That WAS on my list.  em-yeah....Not so much now (that I have children).  My list has tamed down from sky-diving to - not dumpster-diving *wagsfinger* being kick-ass in martial arts, learning how to surf, running a marathon, etc. etc.

My husband had to go out of town on a business trip...PARTY TIME! I invited said friend over to eat popcorn, drink and watch Eat Pray Love with me ('cause i'm that lame).  And here is what she gave me:

My Very Own Bucket Pad (sweet)

So of course I made my "List"

See: One of the items on my list is to "Incorporate running regularly into my lifestyle." 

Anywho, wanted to share that with you and wondered if any of you have something(s) you'd like to do before exiting life's theatre?

Do you write them down?

Along the same lines, a friend asked something like "if you could have one wish (running related), what would it be?" to which my reply was "To get paid to run."  During a few of my outings, I kind of mentally beat myself over how superficial an answer that was....but I got something better--

The fortuitous honor of being noticed for my "healthy love of the run"!!!!  I'm extremely blessed to be a running ambassador for Oiselle-that's right OISELLE!!!!  SCORE!!!!!!  GOAL!!!!!!   TOUCHDOWN!!! VICTORY!!!!  GRAND SLAM!!!  SHAZAM!!   BOOM!

Dream big, right it down, and GO LONG and for the love of Pete - don't STOP UNTIL YOU GET ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

~Without struggle, there is no progress~Frederick Douglas

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I stayed up way too late last night!  As soon as I was ready to hit the hay, one of my baby chicks had to go potty at *ehem* 1:30a.m., and tossed and turned.  Did not go to bed until 4:30!  My other baby chick woke me up somewhere in between, then again at 6ish.....I finally got them settled back down, made sure they were sound asleep. Phew-SUCCESS!

Got geared up and ate my usual brekkie of Steel Cut Oats (cooked creamy), maple syrup drizzled & topped with plenty o' blueberries. Slipped on the shoes. Grabbed the Nathan's water bottle (so worth the purchase!!!!!) and out the door!  And we're....<<searching for satellites>>  <<still searching>> .....oh my word <<still searching>> and FINALLY!!

I tried to take it easy, but my eagerness got a hold of me, but mile 6 we're on cruise control (not really)-i find myself pretty speedy at this point for a good 3 miles ... At mile 11, I made the decision to clean up my need for speed and sit back to enjoy the ride.  Pretty much clearing out the cobwebs from my mind.  I got deep into the corners of my life and dug deep searching for improvement (not on speed, distance, just being a better person for my family and friends).  I dig soul-searching on my long runs!  It was such a gorgeous and rewarding 16.11 miles on the first day of Spring!!!  Loved breezing by the aromas of new blooms and hearing the animals-I even witnessed a hawk swoop in for it's prey.  Some animals are so graceful-then you have the road-kill (not so graceful - blech)!

See - how "iRun without"

Bonus - I received this sky-blue Diana Shimmel in the mail - love love love Oiselle!!!

I'm looking forward to sharing something with you soon - but until then take flight and GO GO GO!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello World!

Soooo-Wow!  I'm an official flippin' Blogger!  I've transcended to the other side....

Lot's of changes in the last few years of my life.  Having children, being consumed with their "well-being", I kind of (well let's face it - completely) lost myself because I was so focused on everyone else's happiness that I made myself down right miserable (happy about life, but miserable about me-the exterior me).  I wanted my strength/confidence/zest for life back. Sound familiar?

I decided in October of 2010 to stop feeling lousy at the end of the day about me and began the journey I've become passionate/berserk/nutso/obsessed about - RUNNING!

October 30-First Race was the Runway 5K at the Charlotte Douglas Airport, pushing my two.....I felt like a rockstar-there I was hooked!  It was super cold out, my darlings were bundled, mommy thought she looked adequate in pants with drawstrings that no longer tie tight enough.....Gah - looking back, I'm sure I looked like a bafoon.  But it's not too much how you look, but how you feel, right?!

December 11-ThunderRoad Half.  I had a major chest cold and debated whether to even race or not.  I trained with 2 other motherjoggers and our kicking/screaming/wailing angels (nah - they enjoyed it the big trucks/activitiy in the city).  I stopped at 3 water stations and didn't push myself too hard.  Surprised I got under 2 hrs.  Bonus!  Not only did I finish-I got under 2 hrs. my first half WITH a rancid chest cold.

March 12 - Alston & Bird Corporate Cup Half.  I felt "meh" about the race (got an orange running skirt and cute blue compression socks, which so happened to match the race shirt). Girl that I am, this gave me reprieve (didn't I say somewhere it's not what you wear....but how you felt-hmmm)  Well, okay-I then felt like I meant business (hey you'd have to to wear ORANGE) and managed to PR 14+ minutes to 1:45:20.  Not too shabby for "meh" - 6 months from wence I started. 

What's next?  I have my eyes set on conquering 26.2 May 7 at the New River Marathon.  I've completed a couple 20 milers and once 22 miles.  I plan to ramp it back up until mid-April.  It's somewhat challenging setting time in lately for my long runs (and not quite use to running in the heat yet), but we'll get there.  I log anywhere from 35-50ish miles a week (mostly with kid(s) in tow).

We can make excuses all day long not to do something or to do something!  I choose the latter.

So, I'm looking forward to raving or ranting about my runs here (tehehe - not runs, but runs - well maybe a little about the... eh-nah, will reserve that for another blog!).   

Hope you stay with me and enjoy the journey!